Reggies Caylee Doctor Set Fashion Doll Review

Caylee Doctor Set now only R49.10 at Toysrus South Africa.

The packaging is good for a doll in this price range. It’s box can easily be weapped up as a birthday present or Christmas gift. It was easy enough to remove Caylee, the rest became a little tricky since I didn’t want to break any of the accessories.

Her hair is quite a nice lenghth, soft and surprisingly thick. I was expecting something similar to the stuff you buy at the china malls, but it was nothing like that. China mall dolls only have a ring of hair around the outside of the head, this is NOT the case with Caylee.

Her scrubs and jacket is made of a nice, soft material. It will need hand washing though, I doubt it will survive a wash in the machine. I prefer the outfit without the jacket. We had an awesome photoshoot earlier today 🙂

Caylee taking a break from the patients
Scrubs look cuter on it’s own.
Done working for the day.

I changed her into a dress. She fits into Steffi Love’s outfit without any problems. The shoes fit her better. The shoes of the doctor’s outfit is too big and just fell off. She’s got very tiny feet. I would suggest if you want other shoes for Caylee, to stick to the bramd.

The biggest surprise of all was that her waist is moveable. I wasn’t expecting that at all!! I was expecting a solid waist.

There is enough accessories to keep the little ones busy for hours. My sister’s daughter loved it, and she was also impressed by how much there was in the box.

I was expecting so little when I bought this doll, but I got so much!! She is absolutely gorgeous and worth every cent I paid for her and more. This doll does not feel like a cheap doll. I will, for interest sake do a review on an entry level Barbie to compare the two. I think we might all be surprised in the end…..

How did I end up here again?

I can’t believe I am doing this again, but let me explain 😅

I have always loved fashion dolls. In the 90’s I would buy a Barbie when I walk into a store and it appeals to me. I wasn’t a collector though,  I never had the space to display it. I would buy it and then it would end up in a cupboard.

Back when the Ever After fashion dolls hit the scene, I wanted, actually, I yearned, to own one or more of these dolls. However, that was also the time in my life that I faced my biggest financial challenges. There was no way I could ever afford a doll like that. To save myself from misery, I started avoiding toy stores, the toy isles in large general stores, advertisements for toys, even the junkmail which was toy related.

Apple White was my favourite Ever After high doll. Anyone want to donate one? 😜

When you ignore something long enough, and deny it’s existence, you will eventually forget that you loved it once. I totally forgot how much I loved fashion dolls.

Around June/July 2022 we unpacked some cupboards and I found the Barbies from yesteryear. I decided that since they have been sitting in a box for 20 odd years, it’s time for someone else to enjoy them, so I sold them off. But before doing that I tried to determine valid prices for them. And that was when everything changed…

I stumbled on other ranges that I have missed out on over the years. I never knew about Steffi Love, though it’s been around for quite some time. I found Cave Club, and since they got discontinued already, I bought some. They are currently on SALE in most places in South Africa, so if you have also been living under a stone like I did, go out and find them, they are super cute.

Cave Club

I obviously missed out on many of the High School series dolls, but you can’t cry over spilled milk. It’s over and done with.

Bratz also relaunched in 2021 with their 20 Year Anniversary Dolls. They are gorgeous and I noticed the new series on Amazon recently. I haven’t seen any of the new series in person, but I think they might have changed their faces a bit.

There are other things I would also like that are currently still available on the market, but already discontinued.

So that is how I ended up obsessed about fashion dolls again. By discovering a couple of 20 year old Barbie dolls. It just shows you, if you love something very much, ‘something’ will always find it’s way back to you.

Steffi Love

I honestly don’t understand why more South Africans aren’t making a fuss about this doll. Especially with the current economic climate. It’s the cheapest doll out there that can compete with Barbie to a certain extent. The products on offer is of good quality. Even if you only wish to buy this doll for the fashion. The clothes will still fit on your Barbie, but you will save a great deal AND you’ll have an extra doll.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Barbie and am waiting for some to be delivered. I just can’t wait for a good offer somewhere to order in some Steffi Loves though. The wishlist include Steffi with the Flamingo outfit. I mean seriously, have you ever seen something this cute 💕

Steffi Love Flamingo – photos from Toys ‘r Us website


I wanted to do a review on Cave Club dolls. They always look super cute in the toy stores and in online toy shops.

I had to wait for a sale though. The choice was so hard, since they are all so adorable. But here is a sneak peek of the one I picked, according to budget. I will do the review a little later.

Steffi Love Style Review

I have finally received my Steffi Love Style doll 😃

There’s a couple of reasons why I wanted to write a review on this doll. It’s very difficult to find a proper review online. Some people take Steffi’s clothes off, put it on Barbie and then never return to Steffi. Others are saying their children like the doll, but no other info. I also never knew about Steffi until I started searching for fashion dolls online.

So here goes:

Steffi Love is made by the German toy company Simba Dickie Group which was founded in 1982. I ordered an entry level doll, Steffi Love Style, to be able to check the things I was interested in. She cost R79.90 at Toy Kingdom and was the cheapest I could find.


I was surprised by the packaging. I was expecting something in a sealed plastic type package. However, it came in a nice box. She was in another removable carton piece, very easy to open up.


Steffi is cute BUT, I get a blank stare and fake smile look from her. I Googled some photo’s of various Steffi Love dolls and it seems as if the face is the same on all of them. One thing she’s got that make up for that though, collarbones. I mean, how cute is that?! I haven’t seen that before! It’s absolutely adorable 😍

Collarbones 😍


I was very interested in this part but none of the reviews even mentioned this. I loved Steffi’s hair. It’s soft and I really enjoyed that it wasn’t just one colour blonde. Steffi is in the cheaper price range, so I was expecting a bald look on the head. However, the hair is much thicker than I thought it would be. I also liked how they tied her hair in the back, so you have the option to let it loose or keep as is. Not disappointed at all.


The dress is easy to remove and fasten with velcro. The shoes are of good quality and they are easy to remove and slip back on her feet.

This particular doll has no articulation, but given the price range it’s understandable. She is made of a very light but hard plastic. I am sure she will survive child’s play.

I am really impressed with this doll, given the price. It is much better than I expected. I am surprised and I am sure other people will be too. I hope to get my hands on Steffi Love Sport and maybe, if finances permit, Steffi Love with the Flamingo outfit, she is super gorgeous.

³Steffi Love Style is available online at Toy Kingdom for R79.90. Their service is great!

Something about me

I have always loved dolls. I always wanted to review dolls, but on my budget it wasn’t really an option. I also cannot get my head around unboxing and destroying packaging, especially when a doll is in the price range of R1200 – R1400 per doll!

I doubt that companies will give dolls to South Africans for free to be reviewed, something that often happens in the US. So for now, when I buy a doll and keep it unboxed, I will try and add links to reviews I found helpful.

Right now however, I am awaiting delivery of a Steffi Love doll, which I will review once it arrives. I never knew about Steffi Love until my interest in dolls picked up again, so I am pretty excited to receive this doll. I have been looking for proper reviews on Steffi Love but was unable to find one done properly. I hope to do so…

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